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The Our Space Capital plc Mini-Bond will be launching very shortly.

If you would like to be informed when this is ready please add your details below.

Our Space Capital plc

Our Space Capital plc is the UK-based central funding division of the group, raising funds to service the expansion of destinations around the world. offers a groundbreaking co-working concept that connects the workspace with nature. Plants, living installations and raw materials alongside cutting edge facilities create an unprecedented landscape in which global enterprises, start-ups and freelancers can come together to produce, progress and thrive.

Please find below a range of affiliated services Our Space Capital Plc offers to the group to guarantee optimum business operations and practices.

Our Space Capital Funding

Our Space Capital Funding monitors the flow of funding into the group from our valued investors. All backing received contributes towards opportunities and initiatives that are reviewed and approved with extreme care by Our Space Capital to ensure that they are appropriate, on brand, integral to development and achievable based on the operational timescales of the group.

Our Space Capital Lending

Our Space Capital Lending operates within the group and manages the loaning of finances to all global locations as they are established.

Our experienced team operate as an arms-length lender to oversee that all funding is based on a robust lending process and strict criteria, including long-term financial projections for each new venue.

Our Space Capital Plc ensures that every new venue provides security. Our Space Capital then monitors the borrower each month to confirm that the loan obligations to the central finance function are being serviced on an ongoing basis.

Our Space Capital Finance

All acquisition activity for the group is supervised from Our Space Capital Finance. Our team operates within solid business practices undertaking all due diligence on potential targets, as well as managing the funding structures for all transactions. Our team also project manages every deal from conception to completion, assisting with post acquisition integration where necessary.

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